A.B Carter, Inc

Spare replacement parts for twisting and heatset BCF yarns.

Asahi Trading Co. Ltd.

Ⅰ. ASAHI TRADING was founded as an importer in 1940’s for the carpet industry by Susumu Kawakami, who got his education in Japan (Keio Univ.) and in USA (DENISON Univ.) in 1936, and then he assumed responsibility as an officer in both Japan and China office of a German-based trading company.  In 1940’s while the German company was stopping its operation in Japan, his friend whose family ran top carpet mill in Japan asked his support, not only for himself, but also for Japanese carpet industry, Susumu Kawakami started importing required goods for carpet production from Europe to answer the desires. That was the birth of us.  In 1953, he registered it as ASAHI TRADING CO., LTD. in Kobe City. Since then the company had developed the business mainly in the carpet industry and act as both importers and exporters, and now in transactions with most of carpet producing countries.

Ⅱ. One of ASAHI’s commitments to tufted carpet industry since 1970’s is continuous development and improvement of ideal cut pile looper “TTQ™” by using Japanese traditional advantageous ability “putting various functions into a small place = TTQ cut pile looper”.

ASAHI in future… In house (building), humans are surrounded by 3 kinds of surface (ceiling, wall, floor) and floor is the only surface our body touches always, which means floor material influence greatly on both human’s mind and body whether one can perceive or not. Carpet is the only human-health-friendly floor, by absorbing floating harmful indoor particles (PM10, PM2.5, etc.) and preventing them inhaled into people’s lungs and blood. Please watch below two videos; comparing carpet and wooden smooth surface, to see how the same amount of dusts move (blown-up & floating) when the same person walks on them. As you see, with smooth surface dusts are blown-up and keep floating. On the other hand, carpet holds dusts (no blowing-up) and moreover it absorbs floating dusts. So carpet keeps indoor air quality clean and comfortable.

Card-Monroe Corp

Card-Monroe is the premier manufacturer of tufting machines for carpet, rug, and artificial turf producers throughout the world.

Erhardt & Leimer
Harrell Machinery Sales

Harrell Machinery Sales offers a wide range of new and used equipment for the production of carpet and carpet yarn.

With over 130 collective years in the carpet industry, we have the knowledge and experience to help you with all your manufacturing needs.

Next Floor

At Next Floor,
we enhance our partners’ businesses with:
*Innovative product designs
*Superior merchandising support
*Our reliable, low-cost supply chain

We serve consumers with stylish, affordable, durable floors.

Pharr Yarns & Fibers

Pharr, a diversified provider of differentiated textile products and assorted real estate businesses, has reached agreements with Coats Group plc (Coats) to purchase Pharr High Performance, yarn supplier for the protective apparel industry; and Mannington Mills (Mannington) to purchase Pharr Fibers & Yarns and Phenix Flooring, suppliers of yarns, residential carpet and specialty flooring products.

PrecsionTufting Components Inc.

Precision is one of the world’s leading suppliers of tufting loopers, tufting blades, tufting needles and tufting accessories. The success of our company is rooted in the industry experience of our founder, Gary Brock, as well as the 40 professionals who manufacture and distribute our products. Since opening our doors in 1995, Precision’s aim has been to be a full service supplier to the carpet tufting industry. In keeping with this thought, we are proud to offer several product lines including Precision Needles, Qwik Switch Modules, DuraTex Tufting Knives, new Carbide Insert Hook styles, Precision Menders and new services. Please, take the time to review our website for your tufting needs.

Saurer Volkman

Saurer is a leading globally operating technology company focusing on innovations for the processing of fibre and yarn, including machinery, components and software. We partner with customers, providing smart fit-for-propose solutions to help our clients achieve their business aspirations.

Sellers of America

Sellers Textiles Engineers are world leaders in the design and manufacture of finishing machinery for the carpet industry and have hundreds of leading references around the world. Virtually every major carpet manufacturer throughout the globe utilizes a Sellers’ machine in one form or another. This has been achieved through the dedication of their loyal, hardworking employees and a desire to achieve the highest standards laid down through the 100 years of trading.
Sellers operate from their UK headquarters where all the equipment is manufactured. A sister Company in the USA provides service and support for the U.S., Canadian and South American market.
Their aim is to maintain and strengthen their reputation for manufacturing excellence within their established carpet finishing marketplace and develop the business utilizing core skills with particular reference to their unique design and building facility.

Signal Machine Co, Inc

Signal Machine Company, Inc. was started in 1983 by Thomas Hall as an on-demand machine shop. Since its beginning in a two room rented building our company has always sought to serve the customer. Now, with around 70 employees, Signal Machine has grown to provide service in areas of machine work, fabrication, laser cutting, design, controls, machine installation and service.
Operating from a modern well equipped 90,000 square foot Machining and Fabrication Plant located in Northwest Georgia, we have developed a team of creative and motivated people with the ability to turn great ideas into superior products. Because we build to exact specifications, the work we perform requires exceptional skills. In-depth knowledge and experience enables Signal Machine to manufacture, test, and guarantee products with the most value for each dollar spent. Total in-house capabilities with single source responsibility assures quality products and short delivery times.
Products can be manufactured to specifications supplied by the customer, or designed, engineered, fabricated, installed, and tested to meet functional requirements. An excellent blend of machine tools and metal fabrication provide the versatility needed for custom machine design and manufacturing.


Synthomer is one of the world’s foremost suppliers of aqueous polymers and has leadership positions in many markets. Our polymers help customers create new products and enhance the performance of existing products in key industries such as coatings, construction, textiles, paper and synthetic latex gloves. With the acquisition of Omnova Solutions in 2020, Synthomer grew its global manufacturing network, expanded its product portfolio and boosted its geographical presence, allowing it to better serve new and existing customers around the world. Discover how our products enhance our customers’ products and processes.

TSI, Inc.

Innovation has been a driving force for our company for more than 40 years, separating us from the competition. We have developed methods of construction and planning that allows us to produce and install our machinery in a timely manner with higher precision. Our technologies deliver unmatched performance, engineered to be extremely reliable and energy efficient.

Tuftco Corp

Tuftco Corp. is uniquely qualified to supply all of your tufting needs. Creels, beams, warpers, tufting machines of every variety, roll-up machines, ovens, backing, dye, and print ranges. These are just a sample of the complete range of machinery that Tuftco can supply to the carpet industry.
Our People

Tuftco Corp. has over 250 associates working day-in and day-out to meet our customer needs. Tuftco has tremendous depth of experience in engineering for both the Tufting Machine Division and the Finishing Systems Company. Additionally, Tuftco employs a number of software engineers working to develop user friendly operating systems for various machine constructions. Having this engineering capability in-house allows Tuftco to provide more innovative solutions and quicker response times to customer needs.
Team Tuftco is available for our customer base on a 24/7 basis. Customer satisfaction and service is of primary importance for each of our 250 associates.

W.F. Taylor LLC

Known originally for its advanced flooring adhesives, Taylor has been a trusted name in technology for more than 40 years. Taylor has built a legacy in the industry for its LEED-contributing, sustainable products and is a premium supplier to many of the world’s largest flooring manufacturers. Through enhancing its technology platforms, Taylor is a lead solution provider and partner with its clients. In late 2018, Taylor joined the Meridian Adhesives Group and is excited to continue expanding. With excellence and sustainability at the core, Taylor is focused on the future

Zimmer Austria

With production sites in Klagenfurt and Kufstein, ZIMMER AUSTRIA is a worldwide leader among the producers of machines for textile and carpet finishing (digital printing systems, flat screen and rotary screen printing, coating systems, steaming, washing, drying).

ZIMMER AUSTRIA reaches even the most distant markets and supplies all around the globe owing to a strong and well-developed agent network and cooperation with independent sales and service companies ZIMMER AUSTRIA Inc. and ZIMMER CHINA.

ZIMMER AUSTRIA offers all elements out of one hand:
complete lines
high-quality and reliable control systems as well as software
complete process and application know-how
service and support.