TextilPlan GmbH (based in Germany)

Peter has a life-long career within the textile industry serving as CEO of Power-Heat-Set GmbH from 2002 – 2014 and presently as CEO at Textilplan GmbH (GmbH is like LLC). In addition he is Shareholder at Viscotec GmbH (www.viscotec.de) and CEO of Viscotec from 2000 – 2015.

Throughout his career Peter has provided guidance and superior direction in international sales, strategic financial/corporate planning, business analysis, and international negotiations. His leadership skills have assisted in the advancement of each company’s team building, research & development, manufacturing process implantation and new business development.

Specialties include: global trade, resource recovery, energy management, cost management, project management, product management, and sustainability.

Educational background includes a Diploma Engineer Degree (comparable to Master Degree) in Industrial Engineering and Management from Technical and Professional College/University in Munich, Germany; Engineer (analyst and controller)– BMW Group Munich; Trainee -Banker – Munich; Mechanical Engineer – Germany; plus 2-years military service.

Disciplines Represented

  • Operational Management
    Global Trade
  • Sustainability
    Business Integration
    Water Management
    Energy Management
    Supply Chain Interaction
    Resource Recovery
  • Sales Strategy / Management
    Project Management
    Product Management

Contact Information

Peter Resch CEO

TextilPlan GmbH
Rathausplatz 11
84579 Unterneukirchen
49 171 / 38 40 66 1

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/peter-resch/23/357/955