Card-Monroe Partners with Second-Grade Students in STEM Project

Card-Monroe Corp. recently partnered with second-grade students from Battlefield Primary School in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia to assist the students in completing a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) project. For their STEM project, the students were given an assignment of designing a door mat for the school’s front office.

The students began this project by touring the Card-Monroe facility where they learned about tufting machines, different types of carpet, and the process of how carpet is produced. Once they returned to school, the boys and girls worked in groups to plan their designs. After creating a basic draft, the students then used several apps on their iPads to create a design that included the school name, logo, and at least three things that represented Battlefield Primary School. Also, during the project they used sample “rugs” to calculate the perimeter and area. The final designs were then sent to Card-Monroe where Keith Askew, Manager of the Creative Tufting Center, transformed their designs into a rug for each group.

Angie Owens, a second-grade teacher at BPS felt that Card- Monroe went above and beyond to make this learning experience memorable and exciting. The students were thrilled to see their finished products and to show them off to their parents as well as staff and fellow students at BPS.



Thank you Card-Monroe for partnering with Battlefield Primary School to help make the STEM project a success!