Card-Monroe Corp. announces that Tufting University has reached the 1,000 student mark.

Tufting-U, established in 2008, fulfills the tufting industry’s need for education and training in all areas related to tufting – from proper maintenance, to efficient machinery operation, to design optimization. Tufting University is the industry’s only training institution with a full-time dedicated instructor and a learning lab with two-cut away tufting machines for hands-on learning.

In making the announcement, CMC President Brad Card said, “This week’s class included the 998th, 999th, and 1,000th student. The industry has embraced Tufting-U, which has now hosted over 90 carpet mills from 18 different countries, including the latest attendees from Tuftmaster in Australia. We are especially pleased to recognize this class, as they are also a brand new customer for CMC.”

Due to the success of Tufting-U, CMC is planning future enhancements to its training program at its corporate office located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. To learn more about Tufting University, click below for a Tufting-U brochure or go to or call 423-842-3312.